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Why work with the CERASP?

We offer plenty of services. Depending on your needs, you can pick and choose what you need to bring your idea to life.

  • We have technological expertise, team of experts and our national and international network of expertise
  • Our state-of-the-art laboratory and specialized equipment; as well as our production facility.
  • We can provide financial assistance for projects in applied research and development.
  • We provide technical education through courses which train employees on new processes or product production.
  • We are committed to excellent customer service and look for synergies in our network to benefit you.
  • Our knowledge of market and regulatory requirements.
  • Our confidentiality and intellectual property policies that benefit our customers.

Applied research steps for product development with the CERASP

Step 1

Start Discussion & NDA Signed

Step 2

Contact IRAP for an interactive visit

Step 3

Create project plan

・Determine funding strategy

・Require a PM from the CERASP?

・Our researcher(s) or yours?

・Our labs or yours? Data capture?

・Need to purchase a piece of equipment?

Step 4

Start support tasks based on project plan

・Apply for grants, manage logistics etc.

Step 5

Is business plan needed?

・Strongly suggested for projects leading to commercialization that may require investors.

Step 6

Create contract based on project plan resources.

Step 7

Start development work

・Ensure IT set-up for lab data capture.

Step 8

Method development testing

・Create methods to test for drug potency and stability.

Step 9

Do we start commercialization steps?


    Find needed support partners


    Create contracts


    Prepare regulatory submission paperwork including all protocols


    Preclinical testing.

    Is animal testing needed?


    Go/No Go


    Establish tech-transfer strategy

    ・Run due diligence.

    ・Establish logistics process (raw material sourcing to end product delivery site).

    ・Produce clinical lots + stability protocols.


    Run clinical testing (3 stages Go/No Go at each stage)


    Go/ No Go to commercialization


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