The CERASP offers a wide range of services, both technically and at the regulatory level. These services may be the development of a new product or the design of a new procedure for a customer. They can also aim at improving an existing product such as changing the color or the taste for example.

This notion of improvement is also valid in the case of a deficient or obsolete procedure for regulatory reasons, hence the need for companies to comply with the regulations in force.

We offer the following services:
  • Feasibility study
  • Preformulation and compatibility study
  • Formulation and galenic development
  • Product design (proposal of two to three prototypes, generic products)
  • Physicochemical characterization of actives, excipients and finished products
  • Characterization of bioperformances (dissolution, disintegration and many others)
  • Design and improvement of manufacturing processes
  • Scaling up: Lab-Pilot and Commercial Pilot
  • Production of pilot batches for in vitro tests
  • À la carte pharmaceutical operations (spraying, granulation, coating, freeze-drying, sieving, compression, encapsulation and many others)
  • Analysis procedure design in quality control
  • Procedural design in quality assurance
  • Support for the preparation of an audit (Health Canada, FDA, suppliers, clients)
  • Support for the expansion of a production area
  • Support for regulatory submission to Health Canada and FDA