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Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

CERASP – a college centre for technology transfer (CCTT) specializing in supporting SMEs in their projects, as well as developing processes leading to clinical trials and commercialization. An experienced team with experience in natural products, food, traditional pharmaceuticals, animal health and biologics.
Excellence and Performance

CERASP strives for excellence in terms of quality of service and the implementation of efficient solutions that will help SMEs to be efficient and profitable, in order to contribute to their stability. This will be possible through building trust with clients, proactivity and timeliness of service, as well as confidentiality. 

Dedication and Integrity

CERASP strives for dedication and integrity by focusing all efforts on the success of the Centre and its partners in an atmosphere of respect, loyalty, rigor and openness. 

Innovation & Sustainable

Considering the international and long-term context of climate change, CERASP will develop innovative technologies taking into account sustainable development and eco-responsibility. To the extent possible, the solutions provided to customers will be developed by reducing releases and using raw materials intelligently, by choosing minimally polluting processes, etc. which will change user and consumer behavior in the medium term. 


CERASP aims to work to attract and encourage the creation of new businesses by creating an environment conducive to creativity, applied research and technological innovation for all of Quebec and Canada. The CERASP aims to bring together the region’s ecosystem in order to benefit from the benefits of a modern and innovative industry. The proposed partnership between the two CEGEPs is a model of solidarity.


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