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Business Plan & Setup

Business Services and Business Plan including regulatory affairs and production processes

A business plan for your industry is guided by the regulatory process as well as market and industry trends.  It takes an expert!  Let our experts write your Business plan. With over 25+ successful business plans written, we have the expertise you need!

  • Intellectual Property (IP): We can guide you to patent experts as well as assisting your organization in registering IP in Canada.
  • We can guide you on the best Regulatory pathway, including training and guidance documents if your teams wants to do it themselves. We also have a network of experts that can do the regulatory process for you.
  • We create your marketing strategy (via Business Facilitation & Intelligence) for project leaders (startups) and developing SMEs; we can coach your sales people on strategy, sales and negotiations.
  • We find available grants and funding and can apply on your behalf.

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