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The CERASP exists to support SMEs

We offer a variety of services to bring your pharmaceutical projects, your natural health projects or bioprocesses to life.

Need help with your Natural Health Product (NHP) plans?

At the CERASP, our expertise means the process towards commercialization comes naturally!

Don't know where to start with your nutraceutical product?

The CERASP has all the competencies and equipment to help you towards commercialization!

Ready to commercialize your pharmaceutical product?

The CERASP - Center for applied research in pharmaceutical sciences can manage the entire process!

Need help with a formulation or production issue?

The CERASP provides troubleshooting support, not only for the reformulation of a product but also to review your process

Is the health of your animal health commercialization plan in jeopardy?

The CERASP can manage the entire process from applied research to regulatory affairs!

Need help formulating or reformulating your biotech product?

The CERASP can take care of that for you!

Do you have an appetite to formulate or improve your company's food products?

The CERASP has all the equipment to meet your hungry needs!

Develop your company's talent and technical knowledge and skill.

The CERASP - Center for applied research in pharmaceutical sciences has development and training programs that make your employees ready to work!

Welcome to CERASP

The CERASP  is a centre for technology transfer (CCTT) in the pharmaceutical sciences and connected industries.  We are an applied research center specializing in supporting SMEs in their product formulations, prototypes, trouble shooting and regulatory affairs needs, as well as developing processes and production protocols as well as support for Health Canada and FDA audits.  We are also an academic grant partner with many grants available uniquely to us through government organizations. Our mandate is to support SMEs towards commercialization and ensure IP stays 100% with them.
We are an experienced team with expertise in natural products,  pharmaceuticals, animal health, food products and biologics with over 100 different equipment at our disposal, from formulation to packaging.

Not sure if we can help you?  Just Ask! Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do!

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Our Mission and Values

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Our Board Members

Interested in learning more about our projects and knowledge sharing?

The CERASP is your academic grant partner to help you scale up your vision and make it a commercial success.

Consult the CERASP’s equipment list available in our labs.

Do your projects need our applied research support, technical aid, training or our business support team? Our experts are here to help you.

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